Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Art Of Immersion/ King Solomon Mines

 Frank Rose author of “The Art of Immersion: Fear of Fiction” stated, “We do not want authenticity,” I agree with him. We live in a world where media has a great influence over our lives. For instance, having fake hair and using plastic surgery to change our appearance at any cost is the norm to be accepted by society. We are constantly shown through media images that to be beautiful you must have long hair, fair skin and be thin. If this is what we are shown and we do not look like what is acceptable by society standards we then want to change it. However, this is not right and we know this is not right, yet we do nothing to change it. Which in my opinion shows that we do not want what is authentic, we want to pretend to be someone else just to be accepted. For example, I am a kinky haired beautiful black woman. I use to hate the natural state of my hair solely because the pictures of the celebrities all showed long straight hair. Now I am a thirty year old woman that now understands that I do not have to wear my hair in a particular state just to be accepted by society. I can be “Authentic” by wearing my hair as I please and dare society to question it. By having society question it would then bring to light that we are not all the same; which we already know but choose to ignore reality and immerse ourselves in what is not real to feel better about ourselves based on society’s standards.

I am currently reading “King Solomon Mines” and I believe that Frank Rose opinion that we choose to ignore what is truly real ties in very nicely with this book.  In this reading one of the lead male characters is looking for a treasure that may or may not exist and is willing die to find it. Even after finding out all that have sought after it have died looking. This ties in with today’s society because no matter how much information you receive that something may not be healthy for you to be accepted by society you are willing to do anything including die just to be accepted. 

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  1. This is written pretty well, Takisha! Just remember to keep yourself out of your summaries!