Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A world full of fabrication.

According to frank we do not want " authenticity" it's what we think we want. what we 

really want is to go back to pandora, even though we have never been there in the first 

place. I agree with frank entirely. Technology today is extensively updated and very 

intelligent.  Technology can literally design anything as we'll as turning one thing into 

the complete opposite.  It also obviously has the potential to create things that do not 

exist.  Technology and television have the power today to make almost anything look 

real when most of the time it is fabricated. Television plays its role so well in portraying 

itself for something it truly isn't. It fools us into thinking it is giving us a sense of 

security. It fools us into thinking we seriously want it. For example, twilight. The 

romance between Bella and Edward is clearly very strong. The twilight saga 

unfortunately forced many females into thinking Edward Cullen was the perfect guy. 

When in actuality he does not exist, he is a vampire! Even though he is a made up 

character people still rave about how they would love to meet someone just like that, 

and that's  our problem just as frank says. We think we want what we see on television 

because we can never truly want something that simply doesn't exist. 


  1. Yes I agree that television and media make things appear real, but I think we all know what they do so we shouldnt fall prey to their traps so easily. As I stated in my blog I think it has to do with age when taking into account those who do fall prey. I think the younger generation gets caught up in the movie perspective of the perfect guy, thus making all the young females swoon for him.

    1. Yes media and television makes things appear real. Take for instants, most of us read the newspaper whether it's on the internet or print, and feel that their sources and information is creditable but even they have and agenda as well as the government and other higher power and elements give us false information or fabricate the truth.So at the end of the day,where are we suppose to get the the truth from? I disagree with the age argument as well because older people fall victim to the medias agenda too. Having that attitude that being older automatically gives you the tools to beating the mass cultures influence is a setup for failure in its self.

  2. There's a good conversation going on here, and I hope we can continue you throughout the summer, so keep these thoughts!

    Anna, you're a little all over the place here, and I'm not just referring to the bizarre format (bold and double-spaced every other line?). How do the theories Rose (not "frank") posits relate to King Solomon's Mines?!