Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Life Lesson Taught Wrong?

Growing up we're all taught to love and share with one another and the never show hatred or rage but that lesson plan is wrong. Growing up we need to experience such things we were told to oppress through the ways of literature, television, and even in the real world once in a while. It helps us become the person we transform into, sometimes for the better or the worse. Comic books and ordinary literature books are a great way to experience such things especially now. From Heroes such as Deadpool, the iconic fourth wall breaking badass to the embodiment of America himself Captain America (I'm just sticking to the Marvel side of comics), they act out what we would never dream of acting out in our daily lives due to what society has molded as a lunatic. The Comics we read and the television shows we watch aren't for ways to learn how to act upon our inner demon but a way to release them for sometime so we wont act with them as we age. The book King Solomon's Mines is a great example as a way to release our inner self. It takes the idea of going out on an adventure and killing animals (and maybe people) and allows us to imagine that as a young boy we are able to experience such thing. It gives us a descriptive imagination of us being on there searching for a lost treasure with all the per-requisite dangers there are. More than that it allows us to live. 

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  1. Some interesting thoughts, here, Gimard, but I'm not sure which article you're referring to here or how it relates to the novel :-/