Sunday, August 3, 2014

Dalphee C.
Conceal mastermind
What I like in the ‘‘Hidden Intellectualism’’ by Gerald Graff is how he compares street-smarts vs. book-smarts. His arguments, knowledge can be found in our everyday life. It’s a smart choice to pursue academic education but can also gain knowledge from our peers and our surroundings, most importantly life itself is a learning process. According to this article, people are intelligent in another method or techniques. Don’t be discriminative against street-smarts because people are intellectual of what they know the best, as an example, I did not attend culinary school to become a chief but according to people comments concerning of my cooking that I have business with regardless of baby shower, wedding shower, birthday party etc.… just name it, I’ll make the dish. Food is my best special tea, because I have lots of knowledge and experience of cooking but if it is something that I would consider to pursue as a  o get back to the topic, how we tend to misjudge separate them from us those who have skills and education on something that they know how to do.                                                                            Graff point in “Hidden Intellectualism’’ school need to give need to give those street-smarts students to achieve their academic goals and embrace their potentials. There’s a lot we also can learn from street smarts that can be beneficial to book smarts also as an example Hip-Pop dances, songs,, fixing cars, lot more. Graff arguments school need to give them a chance to be a part in our society in an academically level.. Anti-intellectualism has been a sustained threat in our society for past decade Some of them are in the street not because they choose to be and they are not intellectually inferior to us, it’s just little different because of circumstances in life. As an example, Lamar Joseph Odom won two NBA championships as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers came from street smarts he made through. If school give those kids a chance they might make better choice in the long in life.                                                                Being street smarts vs. school smarts both can be beneficial in times needed. We all can make li life run smoother we can help, meet and embrace the potentials each other. That is what life is all about.

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Annotating Dracula

  I downloaded Bran Stoker’s Dracula off e-book dreading having to pay for another temporary required text for a semester. I tried to read the book on the train but reading from my phone and tablet was very taxing on my eyes and rereading the digital copy didn’t really help for me to understand the text. Some helpful tools reading the novel on e-book had was highlighting with many colors and that you can embed a comment section which would help with my annotation. The comment would also help with piecing the diaries timeline throughout the novel together. I wasn’t getting anywhere with the digital copy and decided to look Dracula in the school’s library. You’d be surprised how much of a difference having a hard copy of the book in your hands. Once I started reading the hard copy of Dracula I started flying through the chapters and it actually started to make sense because I didn’t have to strain my eyes to focus on the text. I would read the chapters on the train on my way to school instead sitting idle and catching eyes with a stranger. I would also read before bed. My method of annotation is with sticky notes reading through the chapters and writing down any peculiar event or actions. At the end of the chapter I would place the summary of notes and the pages on which the events happened in the chapter.
Before reading the Bram Stocker’s Dracula, I had actually forgotten the origins of Dracula and his weaknesses because in modern day vampires didn’t have weakness of the crucifix or garlic, now it was to stake a vampire in the chest or trap them in sunlight. Modern day vampires aren’t as intellectual or clever like in Dracula. Dracula still has the primal instinct of lust throughout the novel but he has an odd control of the weather such as in Chapter 7 in the Demeter. There’s magically a fog on a ship carrying soil as cargo. Throughout the nights on the ships voyage to London men go missing when they’re out on watch. To stop the hysteria from spreading the captain decides to search the ship and when they found nothing it placed their minds at ease until another sailor gone missing and the storm and fog had gotten worse. One of the last few sailors committed suicide than to allow the unknown entity kill him. The captain documented everything as he could until his strength left him as he tied himself to the wheel. When the ship crashed into the pier the storm had disappeared altogether and a massive black dog was seen coming off the ship. So not only can Dracula manipulate the weather he also can transform into a dog? One thing that still puzzles me is Lucy started sleep walking because of Dracula but when exactly did she come into contact with him for her to be charmed. In chapter 8 when Lucy sleep walks and Mina finds her on the hill that they always sit to find a shadowy figure bent over her. As Mina makes her way to Lucy the figure disappears leaving her exhausted, breathing heavy, and moaning in extreme detail as if she has performed a sexual act with Dracula which precedes the downfall of Lucy’s transformation.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

                                                        Fancy way of  writing
Chapter 14 in They Say, I Say is about writing in the social science by Erin Ackerman, as students in academic writing how to be discipline in our writings by applying these norms showing the characteristics expected of a good academic writing. Which has been told and show in class but did not put in application. Such as, before using or adding our owns thoughts, we have given enough respect to the writers by letting explain freely his point before ours owns thoughts and opinions. For past few weeks we have been practice academic writing, kind of complicated but not much similarities of what has already been doing in class. The social science inform the discipline in writing’s expectation, which they make a claim or thesis and creating new ideas.


Monday, July 28, 2014

Analyzing the Sciences and other Academic Fields

   In chapter 13 of "They Say, I Say", the authors discuss the process by which writing in the sciences is heavily based on creating arguments and then backing them up with proof. While they point out that science-based subjescts are usually misinterpreted as "facts" they state that most of the time, a scientific study is not known as a fact, unless in a few circumstances where there is a massive amount of scientific data supporting something, all found by different scientists. Since science is dificult to prove as an absolute, the process by which a scientist forms an argument for a scientific data includes three stages; Showing data, explaining methods, and summarizing the findings.
    In The first stage, the experimenter is not only citing numbers, but describing prevailing theories about the subject in question, and the evidence that supports it. Next, one must explain the methods of producing ones findings. This is to establish credibility for the data. Then, one must also summarize the findings, which is ultimately a witten desripion of the data and how it is evident proof for an argument.
      By analyzing science in these stages, it becomes easier to back up arguments, and show evidence for your arguments to others. This process also allows the experimenter to acknowledge naysayers, and explain why despite critiques of a certain theory from other scientists, that there is enough supporting evidence to conclude that one's hypothesis is corrct.
      This semester in English 24, we wrote several essays that included the use of stating an argument, stating the evidence to support that argument, and then acknowlodging an argument that might be used by someone with an opposing view. Although the subjects that were tackled were unrelated to the hard sciences, many of the steps used to support an argument in class were the same as if we were arguing for a scientific finding. However, instead of creating our own experiments, we mostly either agreed or disagreed with a view that was included in an article or book. We then found other scholarly articles which we used to support or debunk that claim, depening on our own personal stance.
      Despite not creating the experiment per se, we did use a lot of "data" from experiences that we gained throughout our lives. For example, if I was writing about television making us smarter, I would use my past experiences with television as a way of establishing some of my own cedibility. By having experience in the topic of debate, and by finding several sources that support your claim, and then findin flaws in articles that oppose you, one can then form a solid evidence based argument.

-The diagram above illustrates the circlular motion of the scientific method, which is how scientists create arguments by using past evidence and observations to hypothesize about future occurences. This model not only applys to science, but to any good argument, which inclues a claim, and evidence and other suporters to back it up. (

Writing for the Social Sciences

  In the chapter I've been assigned discussing writing for socialism and the best methods of summarizing the author's ideas and correctly placing your ideas and if you agree, disagree or agree to disagree with the author.
     The introduction is an important part of writing for the social sciences. It's a breakdown of what you'll be talking about within the essay itself. Another aspect of the social sciences is separating your idea from the author. If you stop at the "they say" your readers won't know what you're talking about and especially in interrupting the words of the author the reader will wonder why you have to say anything at all.
The chapter also gives templates on how to agree on some parts of an article as well as disagree. I will use an example for my third essay on "Public Health" using one of the templates provided in this chapter provided on page 160 (They Say/I Say)
    Although I agree with Radley Balko up to a point, I cannot accept his overall conclusion that if we allow the government to regulate what we eat that we'll allow them into other aspects of our daily lives.
   It is also important to summarize the key components of your article that will help you with your analysis of the topics. Using direct quotes from the author helps to represent them fairly as well. In your analysis of the topic you have will want to expand on how you have formed your opinion and why others should care about your topic. Even if you have an abundance of data and cover all the bases there will still be someone out there who disagrees, and that's okay what is important is that you show you've done the work and that you represented the author's work fairly and you present your argument as part of an ongoing conversation.
    I find this chapter helpful for my finally essay because I have multiple sources and I want to represent the author's idea fairly. What will really help me is the questions I ask in my essay and the templates provided in the chapter for making your point and answering the questions.

” Writing in the social science”

In the chapter 13 of They say, I say,” Writing in the social science” by Erin Ackerman, discusses the overall experience of writing in the social science. It explains that social science is the study of human interactions and the organizations that make these interactions easier. Writing in social science requires people to include their thoughts in their dialogs by demonstrating their thoughts about what they think. Including thoughts expressed by others in their dialog is very important, as it will allow them to test what they and others have along side of a review of data. Social writing includes an Introduction, Thesis, a literature review, and the writer’s own analysis, which also includes presentation of data and consideration of the conclusion of thesis and the parts that make it up as well (Ackerman158).
Writing for social science requires a person to include their thoughts in dialogs by showing their thoughts about their way of thinking. Social Science essays that are well written will always consist of an introduction, Thesis, a review of a literature and analysis. These components were also used in class when we had papers to do. In my English 24 class we incorporated our thoughts in our writing but only to an extent. Most of the writing that we did focused more on connecting our research to our claims, which derives from our analysis of a literature. I learned how to annotate by highlighting the texts, this allowed me to separate the thoughts and ideas of the author from the rest of the texts. I feel that annotating by highlighting the texts can be applicable to writing for social science. Writing for Social science allows people have more freedom share their opinion more in their writhing.    


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Obesity Starts In Adolescence

  In Radley Balko's article What You Eat Is Your Business", he states that the obesity rate in the United States is increasing because we allow health to be a "public" issue and enforce it by providing social medicines. He mentions that the government should not have to get involved in order for us to take our health into our own hands, he states,
"The best way to alleviate obesity 'public health" crisis is to remove obesity from the realm of public health(397).He goes to mention that thoughts who "let themselves go" should be punished as for those who take care of themselves should be punished. David McDonald a local pediatrician of the article "Challenging Ronald McDonald versus McDonald's would dis extreme measures.
In David McDonald article bring up the topic of obesity children. He states," The major of obese children will remain obese throughout their lives"(103).  He goes in depth of how comes about, such as popular chains like McDonald's building their restraint near a middle school in his hometown. The McDonald wanted to be built over a local pharmacy but because of David and local residents was McDonald's proposal was declined.
Government may step in to help with social medicines and "public health" but they need to enforce better preventions against big fast food chains like McDonald's. Obesity starts in children before it can proceed into adulthood and stopping corporations like McDonald's and building them away from schools will make a difference